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February 22, 2021by Dev0

Once upon a time a customer called with a consistent problem. She had to repeatedly dust her dining room tabletop. Our recommendation and we thought it was a good one was to install an electronic air filter in the home’s ductwork. She accepted our professional opinion and gave us the go ahead.

Several weeks passed and we got a phone call from a very sad customer—our solution was not working—she was still dusting at the same frequency. What we didn’t know at the time was the heavier dust particles when they ind their way into the home don’t float around in the air but land on the nearest object and remain there until removed with a dust rag.

Years later after some extensive air quality/house construction classes we learned what was causing our customer’s dust problem.

  • Attics are insulated by blowing fiberglas insulation into the attic. The insulation contains a lot of small particles and a lot of dust particles.
  • Homes are not airtight – they have leaks – if you air lifted your home to the ocean and gently lowered it down to the water surface–it would sink–it would fill with water (even if all the windows and doors were locked).
  • Most of the table’s dust was coming from the attic

So what’s the solution to the tabletop problem?

  • A large vacuum machine located outside in the yard attached to a 4 inch hose runs to the attic allows all of the dust and insulation to be removed.
  • On the discharge side of the bag is a 10-foot-long cloth bag.
  • The cloth bag collects insulation, nails, mice, insects, spiders, etc.
  • Closed cell foam is then sprayed in the attic to replace the blown insulation. The foam acts as a vapor barrier as well as an insulator.
  • All the attic dust has been removed as well as the tabletop problem.

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