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50 Years of Experience

With the critical labor shortage, it is very important that we send a well-trained service technician to your home.   

Our 50 years of experience with in-house training and supervision ensures that the tech that arrives at your home is well qualified.   

We service all brands and makes of equipment. Large HVAC Contractors, focus on replacing equipment, rather than repairing it. McCown Company trains their technicians to locate the problem, then provide you with a repair quotation.

Air conditioning problems can stem from three sources: a faulty part, improper refrigerant charge, or the air flow is out of spec. With excellent in-house training, our techs have the knowledge to deal with all types of air conditioners and are ready to serve you like our extended family.

Your air conditioner performs two jobs: removing moisture and removing heat. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the contractors only think about heat and install a single speed AC System.

In the 21st century, this is not a good solution. Only when the outdoor temp is hovering around 95 degrees, does this system remove the proper amount of moisture. On the last torrid days, this system short cycles, that is it becomes an oversized system and doesn’t run for long enough to remove the necessary moisture.

The solution is to install an Inverter System which controls the speed at which the AC runs. On cooler days, the compressor slows down but keeps running and keeps removing moisture.

There are three main solutions for improving indoor air quality and reducing allergy, asthma and respiratory issues. The Center for Disease Control highlights many potential causes. To capture dirt, dust, pollen and spores, you need a High-Efficiency Filter. In addition, a quality Air Purifier should sterilize micro organisms, mold, and bacteria and completely eliminate chemical gasses, solvents and odors. Find a high-quality unit that can give you the relief you need.

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