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a woman smiling while taking a deep breath of clean air in a home

Breathe Easy with a Whole Home Air Purifier

Get $50 off a new whole home Aerus Air Scrubber installed in your home’s HVAC system to filter contaminants like dust, mold, dander, VOCs and other irritants.

Promo Code: CLEANAIR50

*Call for details. Offer ends 10/31.

Keep Dryness Away with a Whole Home Humidifier

Maintain the optimal humidity with $100 off a new Aprilaire 800 whole home humidifier that reduces respiratory infections, allergies and asthma by lowering the levels of irritants present in your home.

Promo Code: CLEANAIR50

*Call for details. Offer ends 10/31.

Replace Your Furnace or Heat Pump and Get a Free Smart Thermostat

Need a new furnace or heat pump for the winter months? We’ll install a brand new one plus include a free wi-fi enabled smart thermostat (a $600 value!)

Promo Code: SMART600

*Call for details. Offer ends 10/31.

Save Big with a Thermostat Relocation

Want to make a dramatic difference on your next energy bill? Save $145 to have a qualified tech relocate your thermostat to your family room so you can continue to save energy all year long.


*Call for details. Offer ends 10/31.

Tis the Season! Save $40 on an HVAC Tune-Up

Call today to schedule your $79 HVAC Tune-Up—a savings of $40! Help prevent untimely breakdowns later by letting us inspect your system now.

Promo Code: SAVE40

*Call for details. Offer ends 10/31.

$200 OFF Aprilaire Steam De‑Humidifier

Warm weather and humidity combine to make unpleasant conditions, especially in your home. With a de-humidifier installation from our team, you can enjoy the spring and summer without the excessive heat. Get yours today!*

Promo Code: NOTDRY

*Call for details. Offer ends 12/31/2022.

$130 OFF an iWave!

Save $130 and have peace of mind with the iWave-R ionization indoor air quality solution installed in your home today!*

Promo Code: CLEANAIR

*Call for details. Offer ends 12/31/22.

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