2 exterior HVAC units in the snowy season

Preparing Your HVAC for the Winter

October 16, 2023
2 exterior HVAC units in the snowy season

Winter is approaching quickly. Soon, heating systems and furnaces will be running 24/7 to keep homes safe and warm. Make sure your system is prepared to efficiently heat your home this season by taking the right steps to maintain, test, and protect it.

Schedule A Tune-Up

Proper maintenance is the most important step to ensure an efficient, reliable, and safe heating unit. In the fall, you should have a qualified HVAC technician come prepare your unit for the winter months. This will help your unit be prepared for the colder months and allow your unit to last longer, saving you money and time.

Change Air Filters

Air filters shield the internal components of your unit from dust, dirt, and debris that can cause inefficient performance and damage. They should be replaced on a regular basis, which can be anywhere from monthly to every 12 months, depending on the type of filter you use. If you haven’t changed your filters in a while, get a fresh start for the new season and replace it now. Operating your heating unit with dirty filters can cause damage and system failures.

Prep Humidifier

Many homeowners use whole-house humidifiers to replenish moisture that’s lacking in the winter air. Humidifiers keep humidity levels balanced to alleviate the negative effects of the cold, dry air. This equipment is installed as part of the HVAC system and requires maintenance each year.

Winterize Your Unit

Outdoor units need some care in the fall. Prep your air conditioner for its off-season and get your heating system ready to work this winter.

  • Clean the exterior of the unit, removing any debris like leaves and grass.
  • Weed out any unwanted plants that grow around the unit.
  • Make sure tools or any outdoor items aren’t stored by the unit.

If you’re ready to prepare your HVAC unit for the upcoming winter months, contact us to schedule a tune-up.