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McCown Company installs a wide array of water heaters! Water heaters have historically been tank-style heaters with reserve water ready for use at any time. While this style of water heater may cost less, they use more energy by design because they work to keep water hot 24/7, even when not in use. For this reason, tankless water heaters have gained popularity due to saved energy costs by only heating water "on demand." Our knowledgeable technicians can help you choose the right system for your home.

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A.O. Smith Tank Water Heaters

McCown Company installs many types of water heaters from A. O. Smith.  There are several benefits to tank-style water heaters.  Generally, traditional tank type water heaters have a lower initial purchase price, and depending where the water heater is located, the installation of a new tank-style water heater also tends to be less expensive.  If there is an electrical power outage and you have a gas powered water heater, you will still have hot water as long as there is still gas flowing to the unit.

Product Information:

  • Lower installation cost
  • No natural gas line changes
  • No circuitry changes
  • They don’t need a high flow rate
  • Immediate hot water

A.O. Smith Tankless Water Heaters

McCown Company installs many types of water heaters from A. O. Smith. The tankless water heater has been growing in popularity in recent years, as tankless systems bring constant hot water supply to families and are more energy efficient. If never running out of hot water, having pure and clean water, and a lower risk of leaks and long-term energy savings sound good to you, then a tankless water heater might be the perfect choice for your family.  Contact us today to find out more!

Product Information:

  • Water conservation
  • Higher rate of distribution
  • Pure / rust-free water
  • Space-saving
  • Lower risk of water damage
  • Long-term energy savings

Navien Tankless Water Heaters

McCown Company also installs Navien tankless water heater products!  Navien NPE-2 Series and NPN Series high efficiency tankless water heaters provide endless domestic hot water, all while keeping your utility bills low.  No waiting for a tank to reheat more water, wasting time and energy. NPN series is the only non-condensing tankless water heater to offer NaviTech™ stainless steel heat exchanger and stainless steel burner for durable and eco-friendly performance.  Contact us today to learn more about Navien’s product line!

Product Information:

  • Endless hot water when you want it.
  • Energy Star certified up to 0.96 UEF efficiency.
  • Compact space saving design.
  • Lower energy bills, longer life.
  • 15 year warranty dual stainless steel heat exchangers.

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